What is Shadow of the Hero?

What is Shadow of the Hero?

Each novel and novella released for Shadow of the Hero build out it's growing universe of magic.  In the Shadow of the Hero series magic along with creatures of myth and folklore live in the shadows hidden among society. There is a constant struggle to maintain balance in the world, most humans are unaware of the mystical world around them. Long ago it was determined to be best for everyone to keep the supernatural hidden. The Vigil protect humanity from the dangers of this hidden world.  Despite the Vigil's best efforts they can't stop all of humanities interactions with the supernatural. The novellas in this series follow the lives of different character's in different points in their journey of learning about the magic of Earth. These stories don't need to be read in any particular order, but help to build out the stories of the Shadow of the Hero world. 

The novels in the Shadow of the Hero follow Zak Ryder, a failed hero who was the chosen one of another world called Lunos. Ultimately, he failed to save that world from the Renewing that threatened to over take it. Broken and defeated Zak returns to Earth to pick up the pieces of his life. It doesn't take long for him to realize, there is no going back to the life he had before. The secret world of the supernatural becomes Zak's new reality. Prophesies of his destiny and consequences of his past continue to haunt him, even after his return to Earth. As the Renewing begins their campaign to take over Earth, Zak can't help but feel helpless knowing that they can't be stopped. Despite Zak's reservations, his team of unique magical users are still hopeful to save the world. The first novel of Shadow of the Hero, Heroes Lull released in late fall 2023. 

Inside The Universe






The Orasen has been prophesied by different cultures for thousands of years. In each telling and over time the details have changed as to the nature of the Orasen. Some cultures claim that the Orasen will be human, others that they will be an Avia, some claim they will be a dwarf, while others say that they will come from another planet entirely. There are a few things that the varrious records agree on, such as the Orasen will be chosen to defend the people. In all legends it is stated that the Orasen will gain their powers of a second birth. Some think this to mean that the Orasen will be born without powers, others think that this means that the Orasen will complete a great task and gain greater abilities. There is a small group that believe that this means the Orasen will die and rise stronger than before. It is also said that the coming of the Orasen will usher in the return of the Seraphim. 

Regardless of which version people believe in the symbol of the Orasen and the Chosen has acted as a symbol of hope for people across Lunos, regardless of nations, species, or creed. There have been many who have claimed to be the Orasen. but the true believers wait patiently for the True Orasen to arrive.



Covabalan was a sword forged by man thousands of years ago with the assistance of dragons. It is made from rare materials; Aptonite, titanium, duranite, and mithranium blend. Dragon forged so the attributes blended together giving the blade unique properties. It was given as a gift from humanity to the Fae as an offering of peace.


Covabalan is a single edged sword with almost no hand guard. In place of a traditional handguard Covabalan has a round guard with a dial. On the dial there are six rings carved, each of them representing one of the six elements, pyromancy, hydromancy, terramancy, aeromancy, animancy, and umbrancy. Depending on which element was selected and the slid up into the guard determined the elemental attribute the blade adopted. When magic is flowing through the blade the Gulscrib etched into the blade will light up with the corresponding elements color. The mithranium gives the blade its black look.



Posturo is one of the legendary weapons of the Seraphim, a pyromancy weapon. It was said to be the sword of Michael, passed down to mortals to allow them to continue to defend themselves against the darkness. 


Posturo is a katana with a white sheath and handle accented with orange markings, it has a golden hand guard, and a transparent blade. The longer the battle or the more intensely that the wielder is using Posture, a flame begins to grow from the hilt within the the transparent blade. It is said that once the blade is completely full of flame that there isn't anything that it isn't able to cut through.



Iycee is a legendary short spear originally owned by Gabriella of the Seraphim. It is a hydromancy weapon that was passed down to mortals to slow the darkness and bring water to those in need.


Iycee is a short spear with a slightly curved handle, it is only about four feet long. the handle is a black color and believed to be made out of mithranium with gold gilding along the mithranium. The blade has a steel blue color to it. Those who have seen it say that even just looking at it makes them feel cold.






The Renewing was founded within the Kamifa Kingdom on the world of Lunos in the year 137 ASSH. They were founded upon the beliefs that a great evil is coming to destroy the world and that the only way to survive is for everyone, all races, to work together. Their leader proclaimed that he was granted the title of Reclaimer from the Creator, and announcing to the world that he was going to reclaim the glory that the Kamifan's deserved, and save the world. 

He promised the people greater rights and security, promising the peasants and average citizens that they would be free of the Nobles oppression. One of the first actions of the Renewing was to overthrow the ruling family of the Kamifa Kingdom, stating that their family line didn't give them the right to oppress the people and rule over them. The Renewing believes that if the world refuses to unite they will be overtaken in the darkness. The six Captains of the Kamifa Guard joined the Reformer in his Renewing believing that this was the only way and what would be best for their Nation.

The Renewing began to wage their war of attrition first against the Kamifa Kingdom and moved their way out to the other nations of the world. With Azazel's Amulet of Souls the Reclaimer doesn't have any problems with conscription, it allows him to take the souls from any living creature and use them to fuel his golem army. They are an emotionless force that obeys any commands that they are given. The Reclaimer grants those the Renewing conquers the option to join willingly, or be forced into the golem ranks.


The Renewing has expanded more than a hundred fold in the last 10 years. They control nearly all of Lunos except for a few remaining territories. The Kamifa area a remnant of what they once were, a small number of strongholds clinging to independence, the largest of these being Solhelio and Haven. Beyond them there are only three Nations that have not fallen under Renewing control; the Glak-Tek, a kingdom beneath the Great Connecting Sea, The Loftus Republic with their cities high in the skies, and the Onyx Empire deep in the mountains.

Feeling that it is only a matter of time until these nations fall, the Renewing has turned its attention to Earth and have begun to set the stage for their campaign there. 


 The symbol of the Renewing is a red sun with three rays of light emanating from it. The first ray of light represents the dusk of the sun setting on the old world, the second ray represents the light of the Renewing guiding the world in the darkness, the third ray represents the dawn of Renewing; a new beginning for the world where all will be equal.



Around the time that the Harmonies between the realms began to open, a giant creature moved across the land destroying all in its way. Several kingdoms fell to the creature until it reached a small kingdom at the base of the mountains. The king of this land, a mage knight, did his best to fend off the creature, using a sword gifted to him by the gods, but in the end he recognized that he wasn't strong enough to protect his kingdom. He reached out to their neighboring countries asking for aid. Six mage knights joined with the king to help fight against the creature. These seven knights working together were able to defeat the creature and saved the kingdom. Having completed their task they banded together keeping a Vigil against the supernatural world; protecting humanity against the darkness and creatures that cross over from other realms. From there they recruited other knights  to join in their Vigil, most of them coming from notable mage families, seeing it as their duty to protect those that were in capable of protecting themselves. At times that meant that they had to protect people from powerful artifacts, knowing that in the wrong hands these artifacts could be as dangerous if not more than the creatures they faced. They would lock these artifacts in secure locations, building fortresses around the world to protect artifacts, swells of magical energy, and to train Vigil of the future.

Early Years

As the Vigil grew spreading out over the land sending out their knights to help protect the innocents it became clear to them that their resources were limited. Quickly they developed a relationship, with kings, magistrates, emperors, and other leaders of nations, offering their protective services in exchange for assistance. During these times monsters roamed free terrorizing everything from small villages to large cities. Despite their best efforts they found it difficult to be able to find all the places where monsters roamed. The church became an ally of the Vigil using their influence to alert the Vigil of evils wherever they would arise. 


After years of hunting the Vigil were able to eradicate the majority of the monsters of the world, leaving only those that were clever enough to hide amongst the humans of Earth. The Vigil's numbers began to dwindle as their need lessened. During this period of decline, Grand Dominus Isaiah of the Vigil, began to see the dangers of that humans posed against the Vigil. Without the threat of monsters they began to see the mages as a threat to their existence. Grand Dominus Isaiah decided that for their own safety it was best for humanity to forget about the supernatural world.  He progressed to move the Vigil into hiding for their own safety as well as the safety of humanity. Civilization on Earth began to evolve without magic, progressing with science and technology. Today the Vigil work secretly protecting humanity from the threats that reman. The Vigil still work closely with the church collecting information from them to be able to track down monsters and other supernatural threats against humanity.


The Vigil usually have the V their symbol, somewhere on their person; traditionally this was in the form of a tattoo (usually on the bottom of their left wrist). As time moved on the requirements became more lax, and Vigil began to wear the symbol imprinted on bracelets, as a pendant on a neckless, some would wear it embroidered on their clothing. The one thing that has stayed consistent since ancient times is to wear the color brown. In the old days this was in the form of a tunic or a cloak, in modern times this evolved to wearing brown shirts, hoodies, or jackets.



The Kamifan Kingdom is the oldest of the human kingdoms on Lunos. It was founded in the first years after the Divergence it grew into the largest kingdom of all Lunos, covering almost the entirety of the Solos continent, divided into six fiefdoms; Capitol, Smeder, Fortuna, Solhelio, Asahi, and Velden. The rust orange head of a shedu is the symbol of the royal family and of the kingdom.

The Capitol

Was in the Northern part of Solos, nestled against the mountains, it is the smallest of the fiefdoms, but held the seat of the High King and High Queen. Together they ruled over the entirety of the Kamifan Kingdom, handled matters of the kingdom as a whole, including foreign affairs, they led the Kamifan Army, and governed over dispute between the fiefs. The Capital city Ur Shemesh is a large metropolis on the sparkling waters of the Karistal Lake. It was a hub for trade and learning among all the nations of the Overworld Pact.


Was the industrial and military center of the kingdom. Here they employed blacksmiths, masons, carpenters, craftsmen of all kinds to create goods for trade within and beyond the kingdoms borders. Along with these craftsman Smeder bolstered the largest of the nobles armies led by the Chieftain of the fief. For generations the Chambers family were given stewardship over this fiefdom. Chieftain Marcus Chambers was the last known leader of Smeder. 


Whereas Ur Shemesh was a hub for trade, Fortuna specialized in trade with all other nations, boasting some of the largest harbors and markets. This fief was entrusted to the Larson family. Premier Arthur Larson was the last known leader of Fortuna


Lies to the South of Solhelio and are known for their master horsemen and the skill of their warriors. In their golden fields they grow grain and poppy. At the most South of Solhelio sits the Wall, a barrier of protection against the monsters of the world for the entire kingdom. The Howard family was granted nobility and the right to rule over this fief. King Howard Equum was the last known leader of Solhelio.


Were an island fief to the Southeast of Solos, in the Great Connecting Sea. It was the youngest of the fiefs, but bore the great responsibility of overseeing the judiciary system of the Kingdom. The Akiyosh family was entrusted to rule this fief. Their last known leader was Shogun Akiyoshi.


Was the least populated fief of the kingdom. They produce the majority of the food for the entire kingdom and were formed primarily of farming communities. The Owens family the least of the Noble families was entrusted with this fief. Sovereign Jasmine Owens was the last known leader of Velden.

Types of Magic

Types of Magic

Types of Magic


Base Level

Pyromancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate fire. As with most abilities each Pyromancer starts at a different level. There are those that can control large blazes of fire causing them to grow or shrink at their will. For them it is more an extension of their thoughts. Others struggle to keep a flame alive away from its source. Regardless of how they start given proper training and practice they are all able to increase their abilities. The majority of Pyromancer pull flames from existing sources or they carry around materials to start their own flames .

Higher Form

Given proper training Pyromancers can learn to control the light around them. Depending on the focus that they put into this form of Pyromancing they are able to bring light to not only places, but situations as well. One of the more commonly used light abilities is to create orbs of light with many uses.


The third form of Pyromancing is one that is rare even on Lunos. There are only a few bloodlines that are able to access the third form. These special Pyromancers are able to see the unseen and referred to as Oracles. They are able to view the past and more importantly the future. Writings from the Oracles are highly regarded and treasured. Some of the more famous prophecies are common knowledge passed down from generation to generation. There are prophecies that are so old that the original writings have been lost. Because of the historic accuracy of prophecies many still wait for this old prophecies to come to fruition. One of the most famous being the prophecy of the Orasen.


The symbol of the Pyromancer is a single orange ring. In the Order of the Magus the color orange is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration.


Base Level

Hydromancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate water. This ability can vary greatly from those that can feel water around them and know when storms are coming, to those that can calm the seas. Most Hydromancers find themselves somewhere in the middle. They are able to control a few gallons of water at a time moving and reshaping it to their will. The amount of water that a Hydromancer is able to control is dependent on the training and abundance of water around them. Many healers come from this discipline due to Hydromancers ability to use water not only as a medium for accelerated healing, but also as a purifying agent.

Higher Form

Through hard work, learning, and training Hydromancer can learn to create and manipulate ice. As they learn to use this ability better Hydromancers are able to create more intricate as well as larger ice creations. This can lead to them being able to facilitate and create specialized art and tools.


The third form of Hydromancing is rarely seen among mages. There are only a few family lines that are able to access the third form. Chronogrophers can make small changes to time. Commonly they can freeze time for short periods. Others can use this ability to look through time. It is rumored that there are those that can travel from one time to another. All recorded attempts have resulted in the death of the Chronogropher attempting to travel.


The symbol of the Hydromancer is a single light blue ring. In the Order of the Magus the color light blue is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration.


Base Level

Terramancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate the earth. As with most abilities each terramancer starts at a different level. There are those that can move large rocks and mounds of earth. Moving large amounts of earth and stone isn't the sign of true mastery. That comes in the detail and level of control. When creating a structure or anything from the earth around them many look thrown together without much thought. Those that have high levels of control are able to express their thoughts into their creations. It doesn't matter if it is a large or small amount they can move it where they would like. Training and strength allow them to move larger items. Terramancers have to find a balance between control and strength to develop a full mastery.

Higher Form

Given proper training terramancers can learn to control metal and other refined materials of the ground. The largest challenge that terramancer have when learning to control this higher form is learning how each material feels and reacts. Unlike the ground and stones which are easily malleable refined materials all have a unique way of moving. Because of this it takes time for these terramancers to learn to interact with various refined materials, as they need to learn them one at a time.


The third form of terramancing is one that is rare even on Lunos. There are only a few bloodlines that are able to access the third form. These special terramancers are able to control the pull of gravity. The two main ways that this ability is used is either to increase or decrease the pull. As long as they are focused on it they can create gravity wells to hold people or items in place. This can also be used to crush objects. On the other end they can reduce the pull on objects making them lighter and easier to move.


The symbol of the Terramancer is a single dark green ring. In the Order of the Magus the color green is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration.


Base Level

Aeromancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate the wind. As with most abilities each aeromancer starts at a different level. There are those that can send a whisper on the breeze. Others that can create gale force winds at their command. The wind isn't an element meant to be forced. Finding the path of the wind and learning to alter the direction and flow can lead an aeromancer towards mastery. Many aeromancer learn to use their abilities to enhance their physical abilities. Often this comes in the form of increased speed and jumping ability.

Higher Form

Given proper training aeromancers can learn to control lightning. The largest challenge that aeromancer have when learning to control this higher form is learning how to direct lighting once they have generated it. Because of this many aeromacers that reach this level who don't have proper training tend to injure themselves. By infusing themselves themselves with lighting they are able to enhance their physical and aeromancy abilities to a greater degree. Allowing them to jump and fall from great heights. Fusing the lightning with wind they are generating they can get greater control of wind paths and strength.


The third form of aeromancing is one that is rare even on Lunos. There are only a few bloodlines that are able to access the third form. These special aeromancers are able to use telekinesis. It usually starts with them being able to move progressively larger and more complex actions. It takes time for them to learn either of these disciplines.


The symbol of the Aeromancer is simple a single yellow ring. In the Order of the Magus the color yellow is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration.


Base Level

Animancers are magical users that were born with the ability to communicate with the living world around them. As with most abilities each animancer starts at a different level. Early on they can make suggestions to the plant life around them. They often talk about it as more of a feeling than anything else. Because of this the emotional state of animacers is a large part of how they use their abilities. Many animancers are able to enhance their abilities when using them in tandem with activities that elicit an emotional effect. This is different for each animancer. As they progress from feelings they are able to communicate on a deeper level talking to plants and issuing commands to them.

Higher Form

Given proper training animancers can learn to communicate with and control animals. The larger or more intelligent the creature is the harder it is to make suggestions to and control. Just like with working with plants animancers describe their early interactions with animals as more of a feeling than anything else. This can grow into having full conversations with various types of animals. Just with any other type of magic time and practice allow them to speak with and control larger and more intelligent animals. They also begin to be able to unlike more primal parts of themselves. Giving them heightened senses.


The third form of animancing is one that is rare even on Lunos. There are only a few bloodlines that are able to access the third form. These special animancers are able to interact with the dead.Sometimes it is something that they see. Other times they are able to hold conversations with the dead. Not much is known about the true extent that the whisperers can interact with the echo's around them.


The symbol of the Animancer is simple a single red ring. In the Order of the Magus the color red is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration.


Base Level

Umbrancers are magical users that were born with the ability to create illusions. As with most abilities each Umbrancer starts at a different level. Some can't do anything more than create a dark shadow or cloud. Others that can create illusions that would act and look just like what they are trying to mimic. Under the right circumstances and with the right training a umbrancer could even make their illusions tangible. 

Higher Form

Given proper training umbrancers can learn to control energy of the world around them magical or not. Of all the different power sets that someone can be born with umbrancing is by far the most dangerous. When pulling and manipulating the energies of the world, magic, and others can have disastrous consequences. Most commonly umbrancers will fire out blasts or pulses of energy. With more training and control they can harness this energy to create weapons of pure energy. One of them more useful, but more difficult abilities to master is that of teleportation. Most can only teleport about five miles at the most. There are those that learn to use the energy around them to extend that range.


The third form of umbrancing is non existent at this point. There were only a few bloodlines that had the ability to access the third form. These special umbrancers were able to negate powers. It didn't matter if they were with in a person or place. Even if they were runes of power the Unhinged were able to either drain their power or they were able to sever the connection to the source of the magic.


The symbol of the Umbrancer is simple a single purple ring. In the Order of the Magus the color purple is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration.




Ariel Steinhardt

On paper, Ariel Steinhardt was the ideal overachiever. She was captain of the cheer squad, earned a black belt, and a member of the debate team. Not only did she graduate as valedictorian of her class, but she graduated early. Her father, Congressman Edward Steinhardt, made sure she had every opportunity to succeed.

She graduated from nursing school in 2 years. She had goals of changing the world. In her last 6 months of nursing school, her world changed. During a supernatural attack at her school, all the myths and legends she’d heard were true. She didn’t have powers like the mages she’d met. They called her beknighted, a human without abilities. Despite not having magical abilities, it wasn’t hard for her to enroll into the Vigil’s training academy. She still wants to change the world. Just not in the way she originally intended.

Affiliation: Vigil

Title: N/A

Alias: N/A

Rank: Recruit

From: Colorado

Eye/ Hair Color: Green/Ash Brown

Age: 22

Height: 5'6"

Weapon: N/A

Magic Type: Beknighted


There are't many that known Isa by her given name. She has gone by Isa for the at least the last two years. Her father was a prominent member of the Vigil in the Philippines. His ideas aren't widely accepted among the Vigil but can be strongly seen in his daughter. They share in the idea that supernatural creatures can live in harmony with humans.

Isa has been operating on her own for the better part of the last year. Coincidence or not it began about the same time as she came in contact with the Shadow. Isa is slow to trust others, this isn't to say that she isn't nice or helpful, but that you need to earn her trust before she will open up to you. Her father trained her from a young age to be a skilled fighter, proficient with her abilities, and all the survival techniques he thought she would need. Speaking her mind has never been a problem for her regardless of who she is speaking with.

From the mountains to the seas of the Philippines Isa spends most of her time defending innocent humans from dangerous supernatural creatures, and defending innocent creatures supernatural or not from those that would do them harm. As driven and passionate as she is Isa is still trying to find her place in the world.

Affiliation: Unknown

Title: N/A

Nickname: Isa

Rank: Unknown

From: Baguio, Philippines

Eye/ Hair Color: Brown/Black

Age: 17

Height: 5'1"

Weapon: Kris

Magic Type: Animancer

Clare Hayes

Clare comes from a strong and noble Hydromancer blood line on Earth. The Hayes Clan has long held their standing as being one of the most prestigious bloodlines of Earth. They are especially known for their usage of claymores and ice techniques. Being one of the three higher families of the United Kingdom area, the Hayes Clan has held responsibilities to care for the Harmony there. Led by a strong patriarchy over the years they have held the tradition of training the men of the family to fight and wage war when needed. The women taking more of a support role learning the healing arts.

Headstrong and passionate Clare refused to accept the responsibility of being forced to the sidelines. She convinced one of the family’s friends Jeremiah to train her to fight in secret. The only reason he accepted was that he knew if he did not, she would find someone else. At least with him as her teacher he could make sure she learned properly. This only encouraged Clare’s adventurous spirit. As adventurous as she was Clare was methodical in her thinking and always took the time to logically think situations through looking for her own optimal outcome before acting. Quick to dismiss the ideas of others to favor more logical ideas earned her the nickname Ice Queen.

When a representative from the Kamifa Kingdom came to their family asking for assistance against the Renewing they refused wanting to stay out of someone else’s war. Wanting to prove herself Clare ran away from home answering Alec’s call to help save the Kamifa Kingdom. She did prove herself time and time again earning the rank of knight. She became the Frost Knight of Early Winter defending the Kingdom, until the Battle of Trihold. After their fall, the Renewing captured Clare. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that Clare is still alive. Her signature weapon Iycee was last seen with Lord Ira of the Renewing. This has led to much debate as to her current status.

Affiliation: Vigil, Kingsmen

Title: Vigil Guardian, Frost Knight of Early Winter, Seraphim

Nickname: Ice Queen, Frost

Rank: Seraph, Captain

From: Scotland

Eye/ Hair Color: Green/Auburn

Age: 23

Height: 5'7"

Weapon: Iycee

Magic Type: Hydromancer

Phil Freeman

Before he was recruited to fight against the Renewing Uprising in the Kaimifa Kingdom, there isn’t much record of Phil Freeman. It is believed that he is from Utah in the United States. He is a well trained Pyromancer though it is unclear where he received his training. Joining in the war on Lunos refined his skills. During the war he was allowed into the Order of Mages, The Obirium. With his natural skill and earlier training Phil was able to climb their ranks earning a position as a Mage of the Second Ring a Ruri Orbis. The war was also where he acquired his katana, Posturo, a powerful Pyromancer tool. 

Phil is a gentleman patient and kind. In the way of chivalry, he is a knight in shining armor. Sometimes literally. Acting as a voice of reason Phil has earned the respect of many around him. A bit of a pretty boy, Phil makes sure that he always looks good especially his hair. One thing that we do know of Phil’s past was that Alec recruited him because of his skills as a healer.

Since returning to Earth Phil has joined the DFI with the United States Government. He has been working as an agent for them. On the side he helps lead refugee efforts from Lunos. It is a slow and bureaucratic process, but Phil believes he can make a difference. Currently he resides in New York working directly for the DFI Headquarters under Director Scott Abrams.

Affiliation: DFI, Kingsmen

Title: DFI Agent, Seraphim, Obirium 

Nickname: Ember, Daybreaker Mage

Rank: Seraph, Ruri Orbis

From: Utah

Eye/ Hair Color: Auburn/Blonde

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'1"

Weapon: Posturo

Magic Type: Pyromancer

Thomas Miner

Thomas Miner was born to one of the lower noble houses in Smeder of the Kamifa Kingdom. Growing up he believed that he needed to make a name for himself and not rely on the notoriety from his family. Wanting to earn his own way he started working in the stone fields around Smeder breaking rocks and gathering materials. Because of his superior strength and speed he was offered a position in the Chambers Family Army. He decided to join the Kings Army rather than that of the Noble families. This caused friction between him and the Chambers Family.

Known for his level-head and organization Thomas Miner kept a strict regimen for the soldiers under his command. He wanted all of them to be sharp mentally as well as physically. This also led to his advancement in the Kingsmen forces. The speed of his advancement led to more tensions between him and the Chambers Family. Despite this Thomas continued to soar through the ranks of the Kingsmen gaining the loyalty of all the solders he worked with. He is known for never losing a battle.

Along with the other Captains of the Guard Thomas joined the Reclaimer in overthrowing the King of the Kamifa Kingdom. They believe that the time of the Nobles holding down the peasants, using them to build up their own wealth, needs to come to an end. They cut down all those that oppose them. Since the Battle of the Three Capitals Captain Miner has begun to move his forces over to Earth. It isn't know what his exact orders are on Earth. Between his large stature, heavy armor, and the legendary war-hammer Anfil that he wields, there are few if any on Earth that can stand up to him.

Affiliation: Renewing

Title: Captain of the Border Guard

Nickname: Shield of the Renewing

Rank: Captain of the Guard

From: Smeder, Solos

Eye/ Hair Color: Brown/Brunette

Age: 42

Height: 6'5"

Weapon: Anfil

Magic Type: Terramancer

Wren Overton

Wren is a part of the Ashes of Tomorrow and independent group that believes that despite how things look today. There is a future if people are willing to build that tomorrow. They are from various countries species and magical backgrounds. Wren is one of their younger full time members. Don't let her age fool you. Wren has had training from a young age. She uses what she learned to pursue her own goals.

Wren is all about getting things done. Whether it is in her personal or professional life Wren is a competitor. Her in it to win it attitude pushes her to work hard and fight through any obstacles in her life. Wren tends to keep people at arms length. For her, casualties come with the territory. Getting involved emotionally with people makes things complicated. Wren is all about keeping things focused on the mission and achieving her goals.

The witches hat that she wears proudly is her way of letting the world know that she doesn't care if people know what she is. Her training and learning isn't only with her abilities as a umbrancer, but she has had training in others forms of magic. Life isn't fair so Wren uses any magical advantage she can. For her, honor and nobility in fighting is stupid. If you aren't using every advantage you have to get the win. You deserve to lose.

Affiliation: Vigil, Ashes of Tomorrow

Title: N/A

Nickname: Night Stalker

Rank: Unknown

From: Virginia

Eye/ Hair Color: Blue/ Black

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Weapon: Kota

Magic Type: Umbrancer

Zak Ryder

Zak was once a strong-willed and optimistic person. He believed in doing what was right because he was right. He thought that if he was doing the good and right thing that good things would come his way. That was how he lived his life, doing good and waiting for good to return to him.

When he was 17 Zak was brought to a magical land called Lunos. He learned he could use magic and set out to protect the people from the evils that had befallen their land. Zak fought for what was right and because he was fighting for what was right; he didn’t think he could lose. Along the way, he gained friends and allies who assisted him against the Renewing and the tyranny they brought to the land.

For years they fought together, heroes of the people. It didn’t seem like there was anything or anyone that could stop them. Until one day that all changed. Despite doing everything they could for the right reasons, they started losing. In one battle, the Renewing taught him he was wrong. Fighting for what he believed in wasn’t enough to win the war or save the people.

Zak returned to Earth with little more than his life, waiting for the inevitable. It wasn’t a question of if the Renewing was coming, but when. There was nothing he could do but stall them. He accepted he couldn’t save the world. There was a chance that he could save his friend Ariel. She was in more trouble than she realized. And Zak could help.

Affiliation: Kamifa Kingsmen

Title: Seraphim

Alias: Shadow

Rank: Seraph

From: Colorado

Eye/ Hair Color: Brown/Black

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Weapon: Covabalan

Magic Type: Mithren

About The Author

Meet The Author

Sean Lundgren is the author of the Shadow Of The Hero Series, an idea that he has been developing for the last few years. The first novella of this series, Reunion, is now available for purchase. Sean is a half Filipino, originally from Denver Colorado, but is currently living in Orem Utah. He studied at BYU and has worked for several businesses since then, in various fields. God, his friends and work take up the majority of his time, but his passion has always been towards writing.

The Shadow Of The Hero book series has always been a hobby of his that he has worked on over the years. Sean tries to incorporate different story telling techniques in his work and strives to create characters that feel like people you might meet on the street.

He has always believed in growth through diversity and that this is one way to reach your goals, he is constantly encouraging others to try new things and not be afraid to make mistakes. As long as you continue to grow from those mistakes it is a part of the learning process, the only time we fail in life is when we give up.

Don't give up on your dreams and keep on growing even if it is only a little bit at a time. Take a look at his Facebook and Instagram for updates.