Thomas Miner

Thomas Miner

Thomas Miner was born to one of the lower noble houses in Smeder of the Kamifa Kingdom. Growing up he believed that he needed to make a name for himself and not rely on the notoriety from his family. Wanting to earn his own way he started working in the stone fields around Smeder breaking rocks and gathering materials. Because of his superior strength and speed he was offered a position in the Chambers Family Army. He decided to join the Kings Army rather than that of the Noble families. This caused friction between him and the Chambers Family.

Known for his level-head and organization Thomas Miner kept a strict regimen for the soldiers under his command. He wanted all of them to be sharp mentally as well as physically. This also led to his advancement in the Kingsmen forces. The speed of his advancement led to more tensions between him and the Chambers Family. Despite this Thomas continued to soar through the ranks of the Kingsmen gaining the loyalty of all the solders he worked with. He is known for never losing a battle.

Along with the other Captains of the Guard Thomas joined the Reclaimer in overthrowing the King of the Kamifa Kingdom. They believe that the time of the Nobles holding down the peasants, using them to build up their own wealth, needs to come to an end. They cut down all those that oppose them. Since the Battle of the Three Capitals Captain Miner has begun to move his forces over to Earth. It isn't know what his exact orders are on Earth. Between his large stature, heavy armor, and the legendary war-hammer Anfil that he wields, there are few if any on Earth that can stand up to him.

Affiliation: Renewing

Title: Captain of the Border Guard

Nickname: Shield of the Renewing

Rank: Captain of the Guard

From: Smeder, Solos

Eye/ Hair Color: Brown/Brunette

Age: 42

Height: 6'5"

Weapon: Anfil

Magic Type: Terramancer