Clare Hayes

Clare Hayes

Clare comes from a strong and noble Hydromancer blood line on Earth. The Hayes Clan has long held their standing as being one of the most prestigious bloodlines of Earth. They are especially known for their usage of claymores and ice techniques. Being one of the three higher families of the United Kingdom area, the Hayes Clan has held responsibilities to care for the Harmony there. Led by a strong patriarchy over the years they have held the tradition of training the men of the family to fight and wage war when needed. The women taking more of a support role learning the healing arts.

Headstrong and passionate Clare refused to accept the responsibility of being forced to the sidelines. She convinced one of the family’s friends Jeremiah to train her to fight in secret. The only reason he accepted was that he knew if he did not, she would find someone else. At least with him as her teacher he could make sure she learned properly. This only encouraged Clare’s adventurous spirit. As adventurous as she was Clare was methodical in her thinking and always took the time to logically think situations through looking for her own optimal outcome before acting. Quick to dismiss the ideas of others to favor more logical ideas earned her the nickname Ice Queen.

When a representative from the Kamifa Kingdom came to their family asking for assistance against the Renewing they refused wanting to stay out of someone else’s war. Wanting to prove herself Clare ran away from home answering Alec’s call to help save the Kamifa Kingdom. She did prove herself time and time again earning the rank of knight. She became the Frost Knight of Early Winter defending the Kingdom, until the Battle of Trihold. After their fall, the Renewing captured Clare. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that Clare is still alive. Her signature weapon Iycee was last seen with Lord Ira of the Renewing. This has led to much debate as to her current status.

Affiliation: Vigil, Kingsmen

Title: Vigil Guardian, Frost Knight of Early Winter, Seraphim

Nickname: Ice Queen, Frost

Rank: Seraph, Captain

From: Scotland

Eye/ Hair Color: Green/Auburn

Age: 23

Height: 5'7"

Weapon: Iycee

Magic Type: Hydromancer