Heroes Lull

Heroes Lull

Heroes Lull the first novel of The Shadow of the Hero series is now available for both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Hope used to mean something to Zak. He hoped he could make it back home to Earth. He hoped he could make a difference and save the people of Lunos. In the end, hope was all it was. Zak thought he could be a hero, but in the end he failed. The Renewing conquered Lunos, and he returned home, unable to stop them.

Life on Earth was simpler before he knew magic, and supernatural creatures were real. He could never return to the life he had. Zak made a living doing odd jobs for the Blue Caterpillar. From investigating rogue vampires in Europe, intercepting dangerous magical artifacts, to protecting VIP’s.

For a while, things seemed like they were going his way. Until the failures of his past caught up to him again. The Renewing has come to Earth. Bringing with them the same destruction and malice that they’d unleashed upon Lunos.

After years of running from his past, it’s come full circle to face him. In the middle of all of it, his best friend from high school, Ariel. She could be the key to saving Earth. Zak could be the key to its destruction.

Zak and his team are the only ones she can trust to get her safely to the Vigil Council and save the world.



Reunion the first novella of The Shadow of the Hero series is now available for both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Finding a place in the world can be a struggle for any young person coming into their own. For Zak, knowing the difference between what was real and what was a dream would do. High school was the last time that he felt like he knew what was real - the last time he had direction. Everything made sense then. Struggling to break free of the delusions plaguing his thoughts, Zak decides to come to terms with his past to better understand the present.
His decision couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Hoping that it will ground him in reality, Zak decided to go to his high school reunion. 



Azul is the second novella of The Shadow of the Hero series is now available for both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Detective Lucas Bluefield was no stranger to getting fringe assignments from his Captain. Being nicknamed the "Bigfoot Detective" hadn't done him any favors in his career. No matter how he excelled in his career the nickname always stuck.

Driving for hours to offer assistance at Saint Ambrose University wasn't just a waste of time, but a waste of his skills. The notion that a South American terrorist group was recruiting from a small university in Massachusetts was by far his strangest assignment.

The deeper Lucas delves into his investigation the stranger things become. Leaving him with more questions than answers. At the center of everything, Professor Nathaniel Wells.

Could Professor Wells have insights into his experience with "Bigfoot" all those years ago? Or will this experience be another black mark on his record?



Vacation is the third novella of The Shadow of the Hero series is now available for both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Sunshine, beaches, resorts, all expenses paid, the dream vacation of a lifetime. Even a week without monster hunting would have been a dream come true for Colt.

Joining the Vigil and protecting people from secret and supernatural threats was what Colt had trained for since he was a child. None of that prepared him for the stress of leading a team. Safeguarding southern Texas should have been a simple assignment, but they hadn't had a night off in over a week. The fatigue and tension among his team were becoming more dangerous than the monsters they hunted.

When the leader of the Vigil offered them a chance to recharge their batteries in Colombia. Colt couldn't help thinking it was too good to be true. He was right. Colt's mission: investigating the rumors of demons stalking the jungle and helping his team learn to work together and relax.

Monsters and demons were easy. Unifying his team seems like an impossible task. Supernatural fog, creatures in the shadows, strangers in cloaks.

It seemed like the entire world was working against him. Nothing his team couldn't handle, if they could work together.