Ariel Steinhardt

Ariel Steinhardt

On paper, Ariel Steinhardt was the ideal overachiever. She was captain of the cheer squad, earned a black belt, and a member of the debate team. Not only did she graduate as valedictorian of her class, but she graduated early. Her father, Congressman Edward Steinhardt, made sure she had every opportunity to succeed.

She graduated from nursing school in 2 years. She had goals of changing the world. In her last 6 months of nursing school, her world changed. During a supernatural attack at her school, all the myths and legends she’d heard were true. She didn’t have powers like the mages she’d met. They called her beknighted, a human without abilities. Despite not having magical abilities, it wasn’t hard for her to enroll into the Vigil’s training academy. She still wants to change the world. Just not in the way she originally intended.

Affiliation: Vigil

Title: N/A

Alias: N/A

Rank: Recruit

From: Colorado

Eye/ Hair Color: Green/Ash Brown

Age: 22

Height: 5'6"

Weapon: N/A

Magic Type: Beknighted