Zak Ryder

Zak Ryder

Zak was once a strong-willed and optimistic person. He believed in doing what was right because he was right. He thought that if he was doing the good and right thing that good things would come his way. That was how he lived his life, doing good and waiting for good to return to him.

When he was 17 Zak was brought to a magical land called Lunos. He learned he could use magic and set out to protect the people from the evils that had befallen their land. Zak fought for what was right and because he was fighting for what was right; he didn’t think he could lose. Along the way, he gained friends and allies who assisted him against the Renewing and the tyranny they brought to the land.

For years they fought together, heroes of the people. It didn’t seem like there was anything or anyone that could stop them. Until one day that all changed. Despite doing everything they could for the right reasons, they started losing. In one battle, the Renewing taught him he was wrong. Fighting for what he believed in wasn’t enough to win the war or save the people.

Zak returned to Earth with little more than his life, waiting for the inevitable. It wasn’t a question of if the Renewing was coming, but when. There was nothing he could do but stall them. He accepted he couldn’t save the world. There was a chance that he could save his friend Ariel. She was in more trouble than she realized. And Zak could help.

Affiliation: Kamifa Kingsmen

Title: Seraphim

Alias: Shadow

Rank: Seraph

From: Colorado

Eye/ Hair Color: Brown/Black

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Weapon: Covabalan

Magic Type: Mithren