Phil Freeman

Phil Freeman

Before he was recruited to fight against the Renewing Uprising in the Kaimifa Kingdom, there isn’t much record of Phil Freeman. It is believed that he is from Utah in the United States. He is a well trained Pyromancer though it is unclear where he received his training. Joining in the war on Lunos refined his skills. During the war he was allowed into the Order of Mages, The Obirium. With his natural skill and earlier training Phil was able to climb their ranks earning a position as a Mage of the Second Ring a Ruri Orbis. The war was also where he acquired his katana, Posturo, a powerful Pyromancer tool. 

Phil is a gentleman patient and kind. In the way of chivalry, he is a knight in shining armor. Sometimes literally. Acting as a voice of reason Phil has earned the respect of many around him. A bit of a pretty boy, Phil makes sure that he always looks good especially his hair. One thing that we do know of Phil’s past was that Alec recruited him because of his skills as a healer.

Since returning to Earth Phil has joined the DFI with the United States Government. He has been working as an agent for them. On the side he helps lead refugee efforts from Lunos. It is a slow and bureaucratic process, but Phil believes he can make a difference. Currently he resides in New York working directly for the DFI Headquarters under Director Scott Abrams.

Affiliation: DFI, Kingsmen

Title: DFI Agent, Seraphim, Obirium 

Nickname: Ember, Daybreaker Mage

Rank: Seraph, Ruri Orbis

From: Utah

Eye/ Hair Color: Auburn/Blonde

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'1"

Weapon: Posturo

Magic Type: Pyromancer