Wren Overton

Wren Overton

Wren is a part of the Ashes of Tomorrow and independent group that believes that despite how things look today. There is a future if people are willing to build that tomorrow. They are from various countries species and magical backgrounds. Wren is one of their younger full time members. Don't let her age fool you. Wren has had training from a young age. She uses what she learned to pursue her own goals.

Wren is all about getting things done. Whether it is in her personal or professional life Wren is a competitor. Her in it to win it attitude pushes her to work hard and fight through any obstacles in her life. Wren tends to keep people at arms length. For her, casualties come with the territory. Getting involved emotionally with people makes things complicated. Wren is all about keeping things focused on the mission and achieving her goals.

The witches hat that she wears proudly is her way of letting the world know that she doesn't care if people know what she is. Her training and learning isn't only with her abilities as a umbrancer, but she has had training in others forms of magic. Life isn't fair so Wren uses any magical advantage she can. For her, honor and nobility in fighting is stupid. If you aren't using every advantage you have to get the win. You deserve to lose.

Affiliation: Vigil, Ashes of Tomorrow

Title: N/A

Nickname: Night Stalker

Rank: Unknown

From: Virginia

Eye/ Hair Color: Blue/ Black

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Weapon: Kota

Magic Type: Umbrancer