The Worlds

In Shadow of the Hero there are three realms that come into play. 

The first is Earth. For the most part magic has fallen to a place of fiction on Earth. Those that come from magical family lines have found ways to integrate into modern society without drawing serious attention to themselves. Magical creatures have learned about the cruelty and discrimination that they are faced with when humanity becomes aware of their existence. There are humans that are involved with the magical community that see it as something that humanity needs to be protected from and vice versa. 

Lunos is a magical realm, consisting of two major continents Solos and Natos, that has grown as developed differently in different areas depending on when cultures were implanted. Over the years there have been times when the barriers between worlds have waned bringing over anything from individuals to entire cities from Earth to Lunos. It doesn't take long for those cities and individuals to be brought into the ways and the cultures of the world. Those that aren't able to adapt tend to not last very long. 

Most magic that exists is found through bloodlines. Abilities that humans and other creatures possess are passed down from generation to generation. Magic is typically something that you are born with not something that can be learned. Not that all magic users are born equal. Even though someone might have been born with magic it is still something that they have to learn and practice in order to really learn and grow. Those born with magic are normally found in one of six mage classes. Pyromancers, Hydromancers, Terramancers, Aeromancers, Animancers, and Primancers. Each of these classes have a basis in certain elements fire, water, earth, wind, life, and energy. 

Many of the supernatural and fantasy creatures that people think about exist in Lunos. There are herds of Centaurs in the fields of Natos. Dwarves that have found their homes deep in the mountains where they mine for the precious ores and metals they cherish. Deep in the south are the forests of Shazer are full of all kinds of magical creatures that have chosen to make these thick and twisting trees their home where they can avoid humanity. Fairies, Naga, Orcs, and Goblins all commonly find their homes in Shazer. High in their floating cities are the Avia, elitist bird people, who have an advanced society separated from the rest of the world. Watching from above keeping records of everything they witnessed. 

The third realm, the Want, is the one that we have the least information about. There are no records from anyone that has gone through to the Want. What we do know is that creatures that come from the Want are not creatures that anyone wants to come across. They come through with malicious intent leaving a trail of bodies and destruction wherever they go. If that wasn't enough, groups that try and stop them tend to not have the best track record of survival. Running from creatures of the Want has the highest rate of success when it comes to surviving an encounter. Highest is a relative word when you really start looking at the numbers. 

Harmonies are portals between Earth and Lunos where people can travel between these two worlds. As open and infused with magic as Lunos is, most everyday people don't know that the Harmonies and Earth exist. Harmonies are highly regulated and protected from the general public on both sides. As knowledge of Earth continues to grow, keeping the worlds separate becomes more of a challenge.