Base Level

Pyromancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate fire. As with most abilities each Pyromancer starts at a different level. There are those that can control large blazes of fire causing them to grow or shrink at their will. For them it is more an extension of their thoughts. Others struggle to keep a flame alive away from its source. Regardless of how they start given proper training and practice they are all able to increase their abilities. The majority of Pyromancer pull flames from existing sources or they carry around materials to start their own flames .

Higher Form

Given proper training Pyromancers can learn to control the light around them. Depending on the focus that they put into this form of Pyromancing they are able to bring light to not only places, but situations as well. One of the more commonly used light abilities is to create orbs of light with many uses.


The third form of Pyromancing is one that is rare even on Lunos. There are only a few bloodlines that are able to access the third form. These special Pyromancers are able to see the unseen and referred to as Oracles. They are able to view the past and more importantly the future. Writings from the Oracles are highly regarded and treasured. Some of the more famous prophecies are common knowledge passed down from generation to generation. There are prophecies that are so old that the original writings have been lost. Because of the historic accuracy of prophecies many still wait for this old prophecies to come to fruition. One of the most famous being the prophecy of the Orasen.


The symbol of the Pyromancer is a single orange ring. In the Order of the Magus the color orange is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration. This symbol can be seen at top of this page.