Base Level

Ombrancers are magical users that were born with the ability to create illusions. As with most abilities each umbrancer starts at a different level. Some can't do anything more than create a dark shadow or cloud. Others that can create illusions that would act and look just like what they are trying to mimic. Under the right circumstances and with the right training a umbrancer could even make their illusions tangible. 

Higher Form

Given proper training umbrancers can learn to control energy of the world around them magical or not. Of all the different power sets that someone can be born with umbrancing is by far the most dangerous. When pulling and manipulating the energies of the world, magic, and others can have disastrous consequences. Most commonly umbrancers will fire out blasts or pulses of energy. With more training and control they can harness this energy to create weapons of pure energy. One of them more useful, but more difficult abilities to master is that of teleportation. Most can only teleport about five miles at the most. There are those that learn to use the energy around them to extend that range.


The third form of umbrancing is non existent at this point. There were only a few bloodlines that had the ability to access the third form. These special umbrancers were able to negate powers. It didn't matter if they were with in a person or place. Even if they were runes of power the Unhinged were able to either drain their power or they were able to sever the connection to the source of the magic.


The symbol of the Umbrancer is simple a single purple ring. In the Order of the Magus the color purple is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration. This symbol can be seen at top of this page.