Jamie Shepard

Jamie Shepard

On the surface Jamie seems like any other young woman finding her way in the world. It isn't until you start digging into her past that you realize there isn't a lot of information about her early life. The only record of her before the age of eleven is her birth certificate. From the age of eleven until now she moved at least every nine months. Most of this time was spent in the United States. There are records that she moved over seas. She spent a three month in Dubai, another three in Italy, and a six month stretch in Germany. After her eighteenth birthday there aren't any records for Jamie.

Jamie is driven for excellence. In the information that was available for Jamie one hundred percent wasn't enough for her. She is calm, organized and strategic. Whether in her personal or professional life she has every possibility planned. There isn't a situation that she hasn't planned for. Each and every move or action that she makes has been thought through thoroughly. Then she decides what the best course of action is before acting. During her free time it is known that she is frequently learning. Her preference is for books over electronic information.

Getting past the surface information tells a different story with her interactions with the Renewing. She has achieved a notable rank for her age. It is believed that one of the code names that she goes by is Lamb. Lamb is a higher tier Journeyman theif whose signature is a single arrow with yellow fletching. The single arrow is the only thing that has been found that has connected several crime scenes. It is hard to tell, but Lamb may have had interactions in Lunos as well.

Affiliation: Renewing

Title: Specialist

Nickname: Lamb

Rank: Journeyman

From: Unknown

Eye/ Hair Color: Blue/Brunette

Age: 20

Height: 5'3"

Weapon: Compound Bow, Throwing Knives, and Daggers

Magic Type: Aeromancer