Base Level

Hydromancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate water. This ability can vary greatly from those that can feel water around them and know when storms are coming, to those that can calm the seas. Most Hydromancers find themselves somewhere in the middle. They are able to control a few gallons of water at a time moving and reshaping it to their will. The amount of water that a Hydromancer is able to control is dependent on the training and abundance of water around them. Many healers come from this discipline due to Hydromancers ability to use water not only as a medium for accelerated healing, but also as a purifying agent.

Higher Form

Through hard work, learning, and training Hydromancer can learn to create and manipulate ice. As they learn to use this ability better Hydromancers are able to create more intricate as well as larger ice creations. This can lead to them being able to facilitate and create specialized art and tools.


The third form of Hydromancing is rarely seen among mages. There are only a few family lines that are able to access the third form. Chronogrophers can make small changes to time. Commonly they can freeze time for short periods. Others can use this ability to look through time. It is rumored that there are those that can travel from one time to another. All recorded attempts have resulted in the death of the Chronogropher attempting to travel.


The symbol of the Hydromancer is a single light blue ring. In the Order of the Magus the color light blue is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration. This symbol can be seen at top of this page.