Base Level

Aeromancers are magical users that were born with the ability to manipulate the wind. As with most abilities each aeromancer starts at a different level. There are those that can send a whisper on the breeze. Others that can create gale force winds at their command. The wind isn't an element meant to be forced. Finding the path of the wind and learning to alter the direction and flow can lead an aeromancer towards mastery. Many aeromancer learn to use their abilities to enhance their physical abilities. Often this comes in the form of increased speed and jumping ability.

Higher Form

Given proper training aeromancers can learn to control lightning. The largest challenge that aeromancer have when learning to control this higher form is learning how to direct lighting once they have generated it. Because of this many aeromacers that reach this level who don't have proper training tend to injure themselves. By infusing themselves themselves with lighting they are able to enhance their physical and aeromancy abilities to a greater degree. Allowing them to jump and fall from great heights. Fusing the lightning with wind they are generating they can get greater control of wind paths and strength.


The third form of aeromancing is one that is rare even on Lunos. There are only a few bloodlines that are able to access the third form. These special aeromancers are able to use telekinesis. It usually starts with them being able to move progressively larger and more complex actions. It takes time for them to learn either of these disciplines.


The symbol of the Aeromancer is simple a single yellow ring. In the Order of the Magus the color yellow is added to the robes once their clear their time as an initiate. During times of peace and festivities special symbols of hope were used as part of the celebration. This symbol can be seen at top of this page.