Tale of Two Worlds

Magic was once prevalent on Earth, not only in humans, but in the Earth itself. There are those that argue that the Earth still flows richly with magic. That it is us that have forgotten how it is to feel and allow this magic to flow through us. While it may not be true. There are still places where magic can be felt strongly. Places where it anchors our world to another. A land full of Magic called Lunos. These points of Harmony connect the two worlds. They act as gateways to travel between.

Over the years and for the protection of both sides these Harmonies were hidden and locked away separating the two worlds. Every few hundred years a new Harmony forms bringing new life and connection between the worlds. For thousands of years a Vigil has kept watch protecting both sides from each other sealing away these new portals. Letting each world remember the other as nothing more than a fable, a legend, a dream.

Modern day technology and the Internet have made the Earth a much smaller place than they used to be. Magic and the hidden things of this world are being brought to light. Most are written off as a hoax. Deep down there are many that can feel and know that there is more out there than what meets the eye. As the Earth’s magic runs out of places to hide the situation becomes like a powder keg. Awaiting a single spark that will ignite the flame that reveals both worlds.