Magic Users On Earth

The Shadow

Magic users on Earth are far less prevalent than they are on Lunos. The two primary types of magic users are Witches/Wizards and Magi.

Witches and Wizards use incantations, special materials, along with ceremonial movements to cast spells. Others use runes imbued with power to manipulate the world around them. These are types of magic that anyone can learn to use with varying degrees of success. Witches and Wizards will spend years studying different magical records most of them keeping record of what they have learned in their own books. Others will spend their time collecting magical artifacts and runes channeling the magical energy inside of them.

Magi on the other hand are born with magic flowing through their veins. Normally this is manifest through six different elements fire, water, wind, earth, life, and energy. Not all of them can use their abilities to the same level. Some are natural gifted and can use their powers to a higher degree with little to no training. Others devote their lives to developing their abilities mastering the magic they have. There are some that no matter the training they receive, are never able to do more than small simple tasks with their magic.

No matter where their abilities come from, learned or natural, most magic users tend to hide their magic from the non-magical world. Being in the minority of humans and being misunderstood has led them to persecution. There are some non-magical humans that accept them, but for the most part they fear what they do not understand. Unless they flaunt their magical abilities, magic users can pass as normal. The biggest give away being that many of them will use older style weapons and tools, because they are more effective in certain situations than their modern counterparts.

There are magic users that use their abilities and what they have learned for personal gain. Whether it be for money, power, their own pleasure. They exploit the non-magical and magical alike. Some of them seek to elevate themselves above others. Some searching for artifacts that grant immortality. Some of them simply wanting to cause pain.

Others work together to police magic users and supernatural creatures maintaining the fragile the peace with the non-magical world. They keep their Vigil true. Even though many of them are highly trained in their magical abilities they will still train to use non-magical weapons. This allows them to operate without drawing more attention to themselves. Though some of their weapons are not commonly used anymore they are still easier to explain than magic would be.