• What is Shadow of the Hero about?

    Shadow of the Hero is about how Zak a quick-witted fallen hero, who can't seem to catch a break, confronts his failure to save another world, in order to keep his home from suffering the same fate.

    Nothing in Zak’s life has turned out the way that he expected it to. His goals weren’t anything too lofty. Graduating high school, getting into college, finally asking out the girl he’d been crushing on. Suddenly he was thrown into a secret world of magic and hidden realms. His career as a hero came to an abrupt end. No matter how he tries to move forward. The past seems to be waiting around every corner. Now he is back on Earth living alone. It was the best way Zak had found to keep people safe. The farther people were from him, the farther from trouble they tended to be. Despite his best efforts to keep to himself. He can’t help but to get involved in situations where people need help. Unfortunately, his ability to use magic attracts all sorts of unwanted attention. Getting caught on film using his abilities to help a small family, brings enemies new and old to his door. Both figuratively and literally. After being saved by his friends in an embarrassing escape attempt, Zak is faced with a difficult choice. He needs to decide whether to put his personal problems aside for long enough to stop the Renewing and curb the tide of war. A seemingly impossible task. Or continue to run from his past and a destiny he doesn't fully believe in. If that wasn’t enough pressure for some unknown reason Ariel, his old high school crush, whom he last saw in the middle of their first date five years ago, is now in the Renewing’s crosshairs.

  • Why do you write?

    Writing started as a hobby a way to get my ideas down on paper. Since then it has become a passion of mine as I try to not only grow my world, but the story of the people in Shadow of the Hero.

  • Where did your idea come from?

    Originally I had a dream while I was on a 2 year religious mission in the Netherlands. What made this even stranger was that it was an extremely vivid dream. The next night I had another dream that picked up right where the dream had ended the night before. Sure enough the next night I had a third and final dream that picked up where the last one ended. Taking the time I wrote out the dream in its entirety knowing that it was an idea I wanted to play with later. Since then the idea has evolved and changes as I have learned and grown. After several years of this it has become Shadow of the Hero.

  • Why don't you have more questions here?

    I haven't been asked them yet. Please feel free to ask me questions so that we can get more of them here on the page. Thanks All!

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