The Renewing was founded within the Kamifa Kingdom on the world of Lunos in the year 137 ASSH. They were founded upon the beliefs that a great evil is coming to destroy the world and that the only way to survive is for everyone, all races, to work together. Their leader proclaimed that he was granted the title of Reclaimer from the Creator, and announcing to the world that he was going to reclaim the glory that the Kamifan's deserved, and save the world. 

He promised the people greater rights and security, promising the peasants and average citizens that they would be free of the Nobles oppression. One of the first actions of the Renewing was to overthrow the ruling family of the Kamifa Kingdom, stating that their family line didn't give them the right to oppress the people and rule over them. The Renewing believes that if the world refuses to unite they will be overtaken in the darkness. The six Captains of the Kamifa Guard joined the Reformer in his Renewing believing that this was the only way and what would be best for their Nation.

The Renewing began to wage their war of attrition first against the Kamifa Kingdom and moved their way out to the other nations of the world. With Azazel's Amulet of Souls the Reclaimer doesn't have any problems with conscription, it allows him to take the souls from any living creature and use them to fuel his golem army. They are an emotionless force that obeys any commands that they are given. The Reclaimer grants those the Renewing conquers the option to join willingly, or be forced into the golem ranks.


The Renewing has expanded more than a hundred fold in the last 10 years. They control nearly all of Lunos except for a few remaining territories. The Kamifa area a remnant of what they once were, a small number of strongholds clinging to independence, the largest of these being Solhelio and Haven. Beyond them there are only three Nations that have not fallen under Renewing control; the Glak-Tek, a kingdom beneath the Great Connecting Sea, The Loftus Republic with their cities high in the skies, and the Onyx Empire deep in the mountains.

Feeling that it is only a matter of time until these nations fall, the Renewing has turned its attention to Earth and have begun to set the stage for their campaign there. 


 The symbol of the Renewing is a red sun with three rays of light emanating from it. The first ray of light represents the dusk of the sun setting on the old world, the second ray represents the light of the Renewing guiding the world in the darkness, the third ray represents the dawn of Renewing; a new beginning for the world where all will be equal.




Around the time that the Harmonies between the realms began to open, a giant creature moved across the land destroying all in its way. Several kingdoms fell to the creature until it reached a small kingdom at the base of the mountains. The king of this land, a mage knight, did his best to fend off the creature, using a sword gifted to him by the gods, but in the end he recognized that he wasn't strong enough to protect his kingdom. He reached out to their neighboring countries asking for aid. Six mage knights joined with the king to help fight against the creature. These seven knights working together were able to defeat the creature and saved the kingdom. Having completed their task they banded together keeping a Vigil against the supernatural world; protecting humanity against the darkness and creatures that cross over from other realms. From there they recruited other knights  to join in their Vigil, most of them coming from notable mage families, seeing it as their duty to protect those that were in capable of protecting themselves. At times that meant that they had to protect people from powerful artifacts, knowing that in the wrong hands these artifacts could be as dangerous if not more than the creatures they faced. They would lock these artifacts in secure locations, building fortresses around the world to protect artifacts, swells of magical energy, and to train Vigil of the future.

Early Years

As the Vigil grew spreading out over the land sending out their knights to help protect the innocents it became clear to them that their resources were limited. Quickly they developed a relationship, with kings, magistrates, emperors, and other leaders of nations, offering their protective services in exchange for assistance. During these times monsters roamed free terrorizing everything from small villages to large cities. Despite their best efforts they found it difficult to be able to find all the places where monsters roamed. The church became an ally of the Vigil using their influence to alert the Vigil of evils wherever they would arise. 


After years of hunting the Vigil were able to eradicate the majority of the monsters of the world, leaving only those that were clever enough to hide amongst the humans of Earth. The Vigil's numbers began to dwindle as their need lessened. During this period of decline, Grand Dominus Isaiah of the Vigil, began to see the dangers of that humans posed against the Vigil. Without the threat of monsters they began to see the mages as a threat to their existence. Grand Dominus Isaiah decided that for their own safety it was best for humanity to forget about the supernatural world.  He progressed to move the Vigil into hiding for their own safety as well as the safety of humanity. Civilization on Earth began to evolve without magic, progressing with science and technology. Today the Vigil work secretly protecting humanity from the threats that reman. The Vigil still work closely with the church collecting information from them to be able to track down monsters and other supernatural threats against humanity.


The Vigil usually have the V their symbol, somewhere on their person; traditionally this was in the form of a tattoo (usually on the bottom of their left wrist). As time moved on the requirements became more lax, and Vigil began to wear the symbol imprinted on bracelets, as a pendant on a neckless, some would wear it embroidered on their clothing. The one thing that has stayed consistent since ancient times is to wear the color brown. In the old days this was in the form of a tunic or a cloak, in modern times this evolved to wearing brown shirts, hoodies, or jackets.




The Kamifan Kingdom is the oldest of the human kingdoms on Lunos. It was founded in the first years after the Divergence it grew into the largest kingdom of all Lunos, covering almost the entirety of the Solos continent, divided into six fiefdoms; Capitol, Smeder, Fortuna, Solhelio, Asahi, and Velden. The rust orange head of a shedu is the symbol of the royal family and of the kingdom.

The Capitol

Was in the Northern part of Solos, nestled against the mountains, it is the smallest of the fiefdoms, but held the seat of the High King and High Queen. Together they ruled over the entirety of the Kamifan Kingdom, handled matters of the kingdom as a whole, including foreign affairs, they led the Kamifan Army, and governed over dispute between the fiefs. The Capital city Ur Shemesh is a large metropolis on the sparkling waters of the Karistal Lake. It was a hub for trade and learning among all the nations of the Overworld Pact.


Was the industrial and military center of the kingdom. Here they employed blacksmiths, masons, carpenters, craftsmen of all kinds to create goods for trade within and beyond the kingdoms borders. Along with these craftsman Smeder bolstered the largest of the nobles armies led by the Chieftain of the fief. For generations the Chambers family were given stewardship over this fiefdom. Chieftain Marcus Chambers was the last known leader of Smeder. 


Whereas Ur Shemesh was a hub for trade, Fortuna specialized in trade with all other nations, boasting some of the largest harbors and markets. This fief was entrusted to the Larson family. Premier Arthur Larson was the last known leader of Fortuna


Lies to the South of Solhelio and are known for their master horsemen and the skill of their warriors. In their golden fields they grow grain and poppy. At the most South of Solhelio sits the Wall, a barrier of protection against the monsters of the world for the entire kingdom. The Howard family was granted nobility and the right to rule over this fief. King Howard Equum was the last known leader of Solhelio.


Were an island fief to the Southeast of Solos, in the Great Connecting Sea. It was the youngest of the fiefs, but bore the great responsibility of overseeing the judiciary system of the Kingdom. The Akiyosh family was entrusted to rule this fief. Their last known leader was Shogun Akiyoshi.


Was the least populated fief of the kingdom. They produce the majority of the food for the entire kingdom and were formed primarily of farming communities. The Owens family the least of the Noble families was entrusted with this fief. Sovereign Jasmine Owens was the last known leader of Velden.