Things Your Mother Never Taught You

October 06, 2022

Where did I leave off… oh yeah ethereal elements. Life and Power. Animancers can encourage plants to do what they want. From there they can move onto other living beings, talking to animals and as their strength grows commanding them to obey their will. Umbrancers are the closest humans and most magical creatures get to true magic. Of all the different types of magic it is the least understood. At a base level they create illusions, visions that seem so real many believe that they are. Gifted Umbrancers eventually learn to use the very energy around them pulling it and redistributing at will. They can create energy and even use that energy to create tears in space and time allowing them to travel instantaneously. It is one of the most difficult skills to truly master.

To fully understand our limitations of magic you have to understand the special family bloodlines. That bunch of elitist jerks thinks that they are better than the rest of us. In a way they are, but it isn’t for the reasons that they think. Lineage, bloodlines that is all that matter to them in all aspects of their lives. Someday they are going to learn that they aren’t as special as they think.

Speaking of elitist jerks I saw Kathryn Jones yesterday. She was snooping around my decoy place in Italy. Keep an eye out sometimes the Vigil aren’t as incompetent as they appear. It’s actually kind of insulting that they would think that I would be that careless messaging on an unsecure server. You should have seen her strolling in like she was some sort of royalty, like she owns the place. They claim to be helping people, the thing is they never say which people they are helping.


Ps. While I was looking into Freeman, I noticed that he has a connection with a missing Vigil girl named Clare Hayes. I’ll get you her information as well. Looks like they were both mercenaries on the other side. He made it back. She was captured. Still might have some clues towards your shadow.

Pps. Stop bothering me for information faster. There is only so much I can send you at a time. Some of us don’t live on our computers. I’ll continue with my tutorial once it is safe again.