They Don't Think They're Better, They Know They Are

October 20, 2022

Pure lines, True lines, the Chosen, there are a lot of names the families of special blood lines go by, and they all think that they are superior, because their abilities can go a step further than everyone else’s. You’ll not that I said that they can. Not that they always do. Even then it still takes work to harness the elevated abilities. For Terramancers these families can begin to manipulate gravity. Not that they don’t already think that the world revolves around them. Aeromancers go telekinetic and can move and manipulate things with their minds. Pyromancers become seers receiving visions of the past, present, and future. They rarely look past themselves. Hydromancers can stop time for short periods. I’m sure that some have tried more than that, but there’s a reason no one has heard about it. Animancer of these blood lines can speak with the dead. Some even say that they can control the souls of the living or the dead. I don’t buy into the whole necromancer thing. Things tend to stay dead from what I’ve seen. The Umbrancer lines were exterminated long ago, so it’s hard to say what exactly they could or couldn’t do. Everything that I’ve seen points to them having the ability to negate abilities and sever people’s connection to magic.
There is one other magical line that you should be aware of. Mithren. Talk about your Jack of all trades master of none. They can control all the elements, but they have to learn the same as the rest of us. Most of them end up focusing on one or two elements anymore and they never really learn anything.

Since we’re on the topic of learning nothing, I’m still trying to get something solid on your shadow. He attracts a lot of attention but doesn’t leave much behind. Thanks for the security footage. I’m heading south to follow up on some leads. For as much activity as there has been the mythical creatures are still quiet.


Ps. Turns out that the Renewing has been having a harder time here on Earth than they are letting on. They are sending a couple of their Captains of the Guard. Rally Taylor and Thomas Miner.

Pss. Taylor shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Miner is another matter altogether. I’ll send you some information on him when I have the chance.

Psss. The Vigil have calmed down, but I hear the Shinigami are getting restless. If you are looking to stay on top of the happenings watch Japan. Things aren’t as calm as they seem. I don’t have proof, but my gut says your shadow is involved.