My Stuff Is Still Full Of Sand

October 27, 2022

You didn’t tell me something. At first when I tracked your shadow to the middle east, I thought that he was involved with the desert Naga there. You’re probably familiar with their aquatic counterparts. The desert variety are bulkier and not as fast, but they more than make up with it with their strength. These bad boys sport hoods just like king cobras. Among Earth supernatural creatures they do an excellent job at staying hidden. What I’ve heard is that they have cities deep under the sands and rarely come to the surface. I actually got excited thinking that the shadow might have a way there. Instead I came face to face with Renewing assassin. By came to face to face I mean she nearly caved in my skull. As soon as I saw her emerald green robes, I knew I was too late, and it was time for me to leave. If the Renewing was already there your shadow was probably already gone.

If the assassin knew I saw her face she probably wouldn’t have let me go. Doing some research once I got out of there, I was able to identify her as Kyra. Her record is spotless. If I hadn’t seen her and tracked her down myself, I would have never pegged her as an assassin. This is concerning. The Renewing is far more integrated than I think any of us realized. What I am trying to say is don’t trust anyone. The Renewing is better than I thought. I’ll send you what I find. By some off chance you might find something that I missed.

I’ll have to try and pick up your shadows trail again when he resurfaces.