Magic 101

September 22, 2022

Just so you know asking about the different types of magic tells me that you really don’t know as much as you are trying to make me believe. The only reason that I am going to explain this to you is because it is going to make things easier for me later. We’ll start simple with the earthly elements. These are the four that you are familiar with. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. People with these magical abilities can control these elements. Ooo ahhh yeah cool stuff. On a base level it is that simple. Terramancers can move the earth, rocks so on so forth. Aeromancers can create wind flows. Pyromancers can manipulate flames. Hydromancers can redirect the flow of water. Yes, all very simple things. It starts to get cooler with the more training that they get. After years of training: Terramancers can mold metal, Aeromancers relay lightning and electricity, Pyromancers refract the light bending it to their will, and Hydromancers can form ice. You can imagine that after years of practice any mages that can use these forms are good at their trade. The ethereal elements are where things start to get interesting. As far as your shadow goes, I think I found some stuff in Paris, but it turned out to be nothing. There’s usually more werewolf activity there as well. I think I’m getting closer, but I have to close shop again and keep moving. You should think about doing the same. They aren’t the only ones that will take notice to us communicating after a while.


Ps. I will not go by the code name B1rd. That is stupid, even for you, and that is saying something.

Pps. I think I have a lead through Phil Freeman. I’ll get some information on him over to you using the usual channels.