Baggage In Baguio

November 02, 2022

If there is one thing that you should learn from all of this it is that pretty much every story you’ve heard is founded in some sort of truth. For example, while I was hiding from Kyra attempting to keep a spotless record, I heard an interesting story about something that happened in the Philippines at least a few months ago. Stories about some hooded black figure causing trouble. Sound familiar? The details vary based on who you talk to, but it sounds like there were “accidents” all over the islands. Either before or after a hooded figure in black was seen. I decided to take a closer look to see if by chance this was your shadow. Maybe he slipped up somewhere leaving a clue. The more I read the reports the more it sounded like your shadow. A ghost that killed dozens of men while bullets passed through him.

Naturally, there is only so far that you can get with people who don’t know about magic. They’ll make up all sorts of stories to explain what they’ve seen. Almost by chance I happened to be eating lunch at a known Vigil hang out where I met a local Animancer who called herself Isa. I didn’t think much of her at first. When you see a photo of her you’ll understand why. Then some of the local Vigil started talking about our hooded figure. About all the trouble that he was causing. Weirdly she tensed and gave them dirty looks. Pretty sure that if I hadn’t talked to her, she would have taken on all four of them by herself. At first, she denied knowing anything about your shadow. It wasn’t until I convinced her that I didn’t have anything against him that she finally opened up about him.

Looks like for some reason your shadow came out here without any weapons or equipment. What’s even weirder is that according to her he refused to use any sort of magic. Maybe his clever way of staying off the radar. If she’s right your spook might be someone to be worried about. The first time she met him he was defending a Tikibala colt from a half dozen Vigil enforcers. No weapons, no magic, and he came out on top. I still can’t make heads or tales of why he targeted any of the other places with accidents where I could confirm his presence. Isa filled in some blanks, but not enough to figure out who your spook is. At least this fills out part of his past. A few more lucky breaks like this and we might get lucky and be able to track him.

Don’t you worry. He doesn’t seem like the type to stay quiet for too long. 


Ps. I forgot that you asked about the Vigil. I figured that you would at least know something about them. I’ll do my best to give you objective information about them. Keep an eye out for the files I send your way.

Pps. This whole hunt of yours is starting to get kind of pricey. Some compensation would be nice for all the work that I am doing for you.

Ppps. With the added danger to myself in this venture of ours. I think that it might be worth my while to know why you are so interested in this Shadow in the first place.